Graphic Design

Graphic design can speak louder than words

Graphic design is crucial to any business and can help your business stand out head and shoulders above the competition.

The four critical elements for logo design dictate that it must be:

• Descriptive
• Memorable
• Effective without color
• Scalable

So you might like to ask yourself, how does your logo stand up to these criteria? How does your company identity stand out from the competition?

A good designer will think through every detail of a design and only include elements that add to the design and re-enforce your brand.

If you look at the large corporations you will notice that their brand strategy has stood the test of time. It’s rare for these companies to change their logo design dramatically – instead they make only the smallest of changes to keep the design looking modern and refreshed.

In summary, great graphic design enhances your professional image, makes your company stand out from the competition and makes it more attractive to customers and investors alike.

Promotional materials in print ready format

With all the graphic design projects we take on, we ensure that you receive them all in a ready to print format, in the correct colour mode and to the industry standard 300 dpi. Web marketing materials are also delivered with full source files for easy editing.

Consistent branding is a must

For all the promotional material your business uses, you need to ensure that your items all work together. This not only provides a much more professional image but allows customers to quickly recognize your brand.

Letterheads, compliment slips & business cards

These promotional items are very important to your company image. It is important to make all text easily readable and have a crisp, clean design. We provide a range of graphic design services, to discuss your needs in more detail feel free to give us a call on the number below.